$20.00 / month



The BeeHive is an extension of Beezo that services remixes, bootlegs, mashups and special edits. 10 new tracks are uploaded every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. All BeeHive tracks remain available for only 30 days. This keeps the tracks more exclusive to it’s members.

The cost to join The BeeHive is $20/month (via Paypal only) and is automatically deducted monthly. So you get 30 tracks a week for only $20/month

If you would like to get started with The BeeHive, SIGN UP TODAY.

How to cancel your subscription: Go to your Paypal account and cancel the monthly payment to Beezo.

Any questions? Feel free to email us any time:

REFUNDS : No refunds are issued for downloaded digital content. is not responsible for multiple recurrent payments created by user.

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